The N.S.K.N Creative Agency

Reversal is the movement of the Way;
Weakness is the usage of the Way.

All creatures under heaven are born from being;
Being is born from non-being.


Nick D. Simon

Web Design | Graphic Design | Special Events

Nick D. Simon is our lead web designer and graphic artist. He is a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; where he served in the US Army as a combat medic.  Ever hungry for adventure, upon leaving the military he became a professional fire fighter and co-owned and operated a nightclub/bar.

He attended the University of Tulsa with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in Marketing and graduated as a non-traditional student in 2020.

Currently Nick specializes in design and event production.  When he is not producing his fundraising events, he organizes local disaster relief efforts, hosts donation drives, and is a loving husband and father.


Kyle Newkirk

Web Development | 3D Modeling | Fabrication

Born and raised Oklahoman, Kyle has spent his life in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. After many years of traveling the country and dealing professional poker, Kyle began his work on a degree in Industrial Engineering at Oklahoma State University. Though his formal education is on hold, Kyle never stops learning and pushing himself to achieve this goals.

Kyle has a passion for learning that allows him to jump into any project with little hesitation. Be it running his weekly Dungeons and Dragons game or building a green house, if he does not know how to do something, he will by the end of the week.


Camille Hager

Animation | 3D Modeling | Illustration

Camille is a designer, illustrator, 3.D.-Artist, and animator from Tulsa, Oklahoma and a soon to be alumni of University of Tulsa with a Bachelors of Science in Business management and Entrepreneurship.

Camille is an adept storyteller and skilled in creating visual narratives, because when words fail art heals. Camille is an outdoors enthusiast, anything from summiting fourteener’s to a low-key walk in the park. People say that her work, “captures the essence of her subjects”.